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January 8, 2010

Free App: Gunman (today only)

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Gunman is free for today only. Its an augmented reality game FPS game for iPhone. The premise is you specify the color of your ‘enemies’ shirt. You then pick them off by using the camera. MultiPlayer requires WiFi and due to the game using the camera, iPod Touch users are out of luck. If you get hit by an oppnent your phone will vibrate, reload your ‘gun’ just shake and you are ready to take them out. (more…)


November 6, 2009

Storm 8 is stealing from you (maybe)

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Do you have a Storm 8 game? or 12? I just saw over at Macworld blog that they have been accused of stealing phone numbers.  This had come up before and they claimed it was a bug.  Kind of an odd and potentially lucrative bug.  For me it boils down to did they use the information for profit after they discovered the “bug” or did they destroy it?  An “oversight” allowed the bug to get back in to a release.

August 13, 2009

App Review: Alien Splat

I recieved a pre-release version from the developer of Alien Splat and was asked to write a review. Currently, Alien Splat is still being reviewed by Apple and should be released into the wild shortly. The premise of the game is simple, splat all the aliens you can within a specified amount of time and you advance to the next level, the person with the most points tops the leaderboard. Simple enough, right? Well, yes and no. (more…)

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