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January 4, 2010

Google Voice+PushMail+iPhone=Free Unlimited Texting

— updated 01.23.09

Since I got my Google Voice (GV) number I have been trying to figure out a way to utilize one of the best features of it with my iPhone, free text messages. Though as my mama always said, life is like a box of…wait wrong mama…there is no free lunch. Every SMS message that I forward from GV, either sent or received, I get charged by  those rat bastards AT&T . I know there are applications such as TextPlus, Jelly SMS or AIM, but with those applications the other person must have the same app in order for the text to be sent and/or received, plus I have to recondition people to send me a text via whatever app that I am using or some other hokey method that most people wont care to use. Lest we forget, I am cool because Google Voice is by invite only, and  I got one! I mean really who wants to download an app right away in an app store when I can get put on a waiting list for week. Also, how is Google to rule the world, if no one is willing to get their invite and NOT use the product I just waited a week to get and still dont know what to do with, but I digress. (more…)


September 9, 2009

Google Voice: Send and Receive free Text messages via Email

Google anounced via their blog early this morning that users can now send and receive SMS messages to via email. For example, you are sending a text message via your Google number to a friend. (more…)

August 19, 2009

Google Voice: Calling Canada is free eh?

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Last night Google announced that calls to Canada using Google Voice are now free. Originally this was free via Grand Central, but Google has now extended the offering to Google Voice users as well. Though the service is only available in the US, you can at least call your Canadian brethren for free. While this is great news, I am still awaiting the GV mobile web app for iPhone.

August 14, 2009

Waxing Philosophical on the Touch Interface

Lately with the rumors of the tablet floating around I have been asking myself what is the future of touch technology? There is a lot of buzz around the touch technologies and how everything will be moving that direction. Everyone expects to see a touch tablet from Apple before the end of the year and maybe even as soon as the end of this month. We know OS X has been having more and more touch commands integrated in to the core OS. This, in fact, is one of the chief evidences that makes people think the new “iTablet”, should it actually come to fruition, will be a Snow Leopard 10” Macbook touch rather than a beefed up 10” iPhone. How useful is touch technology really though? Sure on my quick one off tasks it make sence but I don’t use any application on my phone for much of an extended time. The Word press app may be the one exception and I always wish for a keyboard. Is it something we would want to see make it into our actual desktops and laptops? Would it start replacing major peripherals on those machines?

August 13, 2009

iPhone Shot and Burned

Are you upset over the GV app denial? My guess is not as much as this guy. He shoots the phone 4 times then douses it in lighter fluid and set it a blaze. Very funny and worth the watch but is there something valuable we can learn from this?

August 10, 2009

Google Voice to become a WebApp

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Fret not my Google Voice compadres, Apple will not keep us down for long. In a previous post I mention that Google voice is still available for your iPhone, though you must jailbreak it in order to use download and install GV mobile. Once again, Google Voice is about to makes its way to the iPhone. (more…)

August 4, 2009

Google Voice Tips

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The folks over at TheAppleBlog have posted a couple of tips to make your user experience easier for those of you who have a Google Voice Account. Many folks were quite upset over the removal of GV Mobile from the App Store (BTW, ATT has more or less placed the blame at the steps of Apple), but some took solace that its still available via Cydia. (more…)

August 3, 2009

Another Google Beta to Sign-up for

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While doing a bit of poking around I found Google Wave. I apologize if I am late to the party on this one but things started to tie together for me today and it does deal with the more mobile computing.

So quickly what is Google Wave. As with all things Google it is on the web and accessed through a browser. They are touting it as a collaboration tool and it will definitely do this and I am hoping so much more. I have talked with some of you about what is next for communication, will it kill email? Twitter? Google wave is what is next I don’t know if it will kill email or twitter but it will be the next form of communication. It has an improved concept of email, IM, and blogging built in as well as doc sharing and file sharing.

What got me excited is (more…)

App denial affects Apple Board

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Just saw this and thougth I would pass it on. Google CEO stepped down from Apple board of directors. Not totally centered around the denial of the Google Voice app but it sounds like it does play a part in the whole corporate game to me. Here is the link to the article I read if you want to take a gander at it yourself.

Thanks to Patrick Beja for the tweet.

July 28, 2009

Badonya iPhone maker

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It appears Apple has turned down the official Google Voice app for the app store as well as 3rd party apps for Google Voice. BOO! Google is speculating it is because the Carrier, who will remain unnamed so as to give them no advertising in this post, does not want the competition. While Google Voice may add some competition I also think it adds customers. When will we start to look at the world in a new way? I am disappointed in the iPhone makers lack of courage here and I hope that the re-consider the Google application. I am not going to run out and buy an Android phone but I guess it will come up in conversations more. Here are some links to articles: Article one or Article two. They both say pretty much the same thing. Enjoy or not as the case may be 😡

Oh yea and one last thing…..Google!

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