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August 23, 2009

Who Needs iTunes 9?

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I’ve been waiting for 3.1 to come out before jailbreaking my iPhone again, but I think this might have just pushed me over the edge. It’s called Movement, and in a nutshell it’s an app that allows you to arrange your iPhone apps from your computer, but the catch is it only works on a jailbroken iPhone. Currently doing the cumbersome act of hold, wait for wiggle, then drag the stupid app across 8 flippin pages on your iPhone only have it push another app to the next page is getting old. I can tell you that me, and a couple of buddies have been talking about a feature like this from the time the App Store was birthed over a year ago, so a feature like this is a long time coming.  It has been rumored as of late that iTunes 9 may have a feature like this in the works, but it may be too little too late. (more…)


August 13, 2009

WTH – Power Management

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What the hell Apple! What is wrong with you, and your overly weird denial of the iPhone’s crappy battery life? I mean we understand you don’t want battery life to suck, but it does when you start turning on all the fancy schmancy stuff like Wifi, bluetooth, email push, and push notifications. I have a solution I think you should really consider, it’s a little out there I know, but I like to call it SIMPLE USER MANAGEMENT. This idea revolves around the concept of letting the user manage their battery usage by giving them a simple way to access all the power hungry functions listed above in one place. This concept is hard to grasp I know, so I understand why you currently make us drill several layers deep into separate Settings panels just to get to these functions. (more…)

August 10, 2009

Bargain Bin with push

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I downloaded bargain bin app which I have to say looks really cool. This app let’s you find apps on sale like some others out there but also let’s you tag apps that you want and allows you to set a price that you’re willing to pay. The coolest part with that is they’ve added push notifications so you will receive a message whenever your apps reach that price. You can also be more generic and get notifications on a broader range as well when they’re are price reductions.

The app is free so check it out!

August 8, 2009

HTML Colors App Review

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One of the big things I use my iPhone for is a reference center. HTML Colors app is very simple but does it’s job very well. The idea is you are trying to pick a colors for your web page but don’t know exactly what you want or how it will look. Sure there are online tools but you may need to pick a color quickly for someone else, maybe you don’t want to go off the page you are editing or if you are out and about you may want to try an match a color you see in nature as close as possible.

Launch the app and you can choose betwee two modes and one setting.

August 5, 2009

1Password Pro Update Review

Agile Web Solutions just released an update to their iPhone Application. This update contained the first of the Feature updates promised when they released the new Pro App. Aside from the icon this update includes Folders and the ability to select multiple fields to the clip board and a new desktop app as a companion. The price has already started going up from $5.99 to $7.99. I liked the app before but is it worth the price increase?

July 29, 2009

iDisk app

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Apple has just put out a Mobileme app. I didn’t get any big surprises with the application except that it didn’t know who I was for the Mobileme account. When you launch the app it simply shows you the file system. Oddly you are able to delete files and non-system folders on your account but you can not move anything around. I hope they add this feature because finding time to organize the mess I have on there would be easier if I could just do it from my phone as time allowed.

Folders let you go in to them and documents can be read or emailed. To email (more…)

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