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August 13, 2009

WTH – Power Management

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What the hell Apple! What is wrong with you, and your overly weird denial of the iPhone’s crappy battery life? I mean we understand you don’t want battery life to suck, but it does when you start turning on all the fancy schmancy stuff like Wifi, bluetooth, email push, and push notifications. I have a solution I think you should really consider, it’s a little out there I know, but I like to call it SIMPLE USER MANAGEMENT. This idea revolves around the concept of letting the user manage their battery usage by giving them a simple way to access all the power hungry functions listed above in one place. This concept is hard to grasp I know, so I understand why you currently make us drill several layers deep into separate Settings panels just to get to these functions. (more…)


August 11, 2009

New Music Format /cry

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I just read something over at the Guardian that made me sick to my stomach. Both Apple and the major record labels, Sony, EMI, Warner, Universal, are working on a new file format for music. They can’t or more likely won’t agree on a format. The usual finger pointing and and name calling sounds like it is going on when big businesses try to come up with a new standard to drive profit and not actually help the customer. Do we get anything out of this proposition?

August 4, 2009

Gonna call this my WTH segment

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Seriously Apple WTH?  Why would you only make the sorting tabs (All/Photos/Videos) in the camera roll only accessible from from Camera>Last pic box>Camera Roll, and not from Photos>Camera Roll, or Photos>Photo Library? Please tell me it’s a bug, and your going to fix it in the next patch so I can forgive you.  Anyone else notice this too then please comment.

Camera Roll Sorting

July 28, 2009

Badonya iPhone maker

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It appears Apple has turned down the official Google Voice app for the app store as well as 3rd party apps for Google Voice. BOO! Google is speculating it is because the Carrier, who will remain unnamed so as to give them no advertising in this post, does not want the competition. While Google Voice may add some competition I also think it adds customers. When will we start to look at the world in a new way? I am disappointed in the iPhone makers lack of courage here and I hope that the re-consider the Google application. I am not going to run out and buy an Android phone but I guess it will come up in conversations more. Here are some links to articles: Article one or Article two. They both say pretty much the same thing. Enjoy or not as the case may be 😡

Oh yea and one last thing…..Google!

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