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November 6, 2009

Storm 8 is stealing from you (maybe)

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Do you have a Storm 8 game? or 12? I just saw over at Macworld blog that they have been accused of stealing phone numbers.  This had come up before and they claimed it was a bug.  Kind of an odd and potentially lucrative bug.  For me it boils down to did they use the information for profit after they discovered the “bug” or did they destroy it?  An “oversight” allowed the bug to get back in to a release.

Being in the software industry I am sympathetic to this.  Does it seem suspicious? you bet.  Does it happen?  All the time.  Again for me did they profit or did they just destroy all the numbers?  The article does not cover any of this.  I guess it wasn’t important enough to look in to and Storm 8 has refused to comment, no big surprise there.

Just be aware this is out there and read the article if are curious.


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  1. Oh wow. There is so much I have to say about this.

    First off, I completely think this to be intentional. Why would the code be written if it wasn’t intended to be used? People don’t accidentally plan to rob a bank. Whether it “accidentally” got in the code or not is besides the point. Even whether they used it maliciously or not is besides the point. They secretly harvested people’s personal data. That is a crime in itself. If it was your credit card number it wouldn’t matter if they used or not. The data was stolen, pure and simple. A crime is a crime. These guys need to be boycotted. I think I am gonna get in on this Class action too.

    Secondly, THERE IS A HOLE IN THE iPHONE OS THAT ALLOWS THIS?!! Shame on Apple. They better get this plugged up fast. How many others are using this exploit? How many other exploits are out there that we haven’t heard about yet? An iPhone knows exactly where you are all the time. It has a microphone. How many other things are people able to access without our knowledge? Crap, I think I gotta dust off my tin foil hat.

    Thirdly, how did this guy who started the class action find out about this? I definetly want more details on this story.

    Good find Sinodux!

    Comment by Touch My Tech — November 6, 2009 @ 14:16 | Reply

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