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September 23, 2009

iTunes 9.0.1 and the mini player

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iTunes 9.0.1 was released today with some minor bug fixes. Per Apple’s release notes, it fixes bugs browsing the iTunes Store, performance issues where iTunes becomes unresponsive, problems when syncing Podcasts in play lists with iPhone or iPod, fixes the bug where iTunes unexpectedly quits, improves application syncing with iPhone and iPod Touch. The bug fix that raised my eyebrow is the bug in regards to the iTunes Mini Player.

When iTunes 9.0 was released, Sinodux noted that Apple brought iTunes up to speed with how every other application works on a Mac. By pressing the Zoom button it will toggle the application between the user defined state and the standard state.  In order to get the Mini Player to work, the user must press option and the zoom buttons together.

Apparently, Apple received a ton of feedback on this change (clearly less then favorable) and with 9.0.1 has reverted back to the pre-9.0 bevavior, i.e. pressing the zoom button in iTunes now renders the Mini Player. By pressing the option and zoom buttons it will toggle between standard and user defined states.

Its good to know that Apple does listen to it customer base and gives them what they want. While nice, the new method did not bother me at all, I wish Apple would listen on far more pressing issues, such as…oh i dunno…allowing third party applications to run in the FREAKING background on the iPhone, but i digress. Controversy averted!


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