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September 18, 2009

eCigarette old news?

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It is technology, it is touch but no I am not going to do an actual review.  This has apparently been all over the place, major networks and the like, but I have never heard about this until I saw an article linked to the Broward-Post.  They have a fake cigarette that glows red, gives you “smoke” to breath out and has special filters that will give you nicotine.  These can be “Smoked” anywhere even in places smoking is banned.  Pretty crazy I wonder how long it will be until I see one.  If you have actually run across this in real life  please leave a comment.



  1. Does answer your question but this recent article in the Bee talks about how legislators in Sacramento are trying to close the loophole.

    Comment by John Steele — September 19, 2009 @ 06:11 | Reply

  2. Haha, funny to see this article. I have been smoking eCigarettes for probably 2-3 months now. I even brought them to work and smoked them INSIDE the office. And Sinodux – you have seen these you just didn’t know it. On one of our walks I whipped one out and puffed on it. Brizz20 witnessed the whole thing.

    About the devices: They are great, but the technology still needs a tad bit more refinement to be adopted by the mainstream. There is a lot of maintenance required to keep the devices working well.

    Some Key points:

    * Cheaper than real cigarettes. (Online purchases are MUCH cheaper than brick and mortar stores.)
    * WAY safer than real cigarettes. Does not contain the thousands of cancer causing ingredients in regular cigarettes. Only contains nicotine. (Note: Nicotine is NOT a carcinogen!)
    * Same “buzz” as a real cigarette.
    * Can control level of nicotine. They even have nicotine-free cartridges.
    * Excellent for use as a way to quite smoking. (These are not usually marketed this way as there are tight regulations for “Smoking cessation devices”)
    * No second hand smoke.
    * No smell
    * No Trash
    * No burning, flame, fires, etc…
    * “Smoke” is created from the same FDA approved stuff in stage “Smoke” (Glycol).
    * Can “smoke” anywhere smoking is prohibited. Note that even though they are not cigarettes, the general public has not become fully aware of what these are yet and many business will ask you to stop “smoking”. Explaining the device to them is futile and will still result in getting kicked out. You can bring them on a plane, but cannot “smoke” them on a plane. But any hardcore eCigarette smoker knows that vapor does not set off plane bathroom smoke detectors.

    I would write a review but there is much information already available here:

    Comment by touchmytech — September 29, 2009 @ 11:49 | Reply

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