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September 11, 2009

Case Review: Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather $19.99

What can I say about the Incipio Feather other than it’s made of pure awesomeness. Really, they’ve corned the market on awesomeness when it comes to making a lightweight, hard plastic case that looks, and feels good. Nothing beats the feel of a naked iPhone, but as much as we all want to tote around the iPhone in it’s birthday suit, at the same time we’re all deathly afraid of harming our precious by an accidental drop. If you want a little piece of mind when transporting the iPhone, but if your main goal is to blur the nakedness line, but would rather not deal with the bodyguard/invisible shield failures, then look no further than the Incipio Feather.

The best thing about iPhone cases is all the varieties to choose from. Personally I don’t care about color, or bling, my style is a super light, hard plastic case that is as close to iPhone nakedness as you can get, but yet still guarded enough to survive a light drop, or being tossed on a table/counter/crowded backpack, and not get scratched (no scratches equals better auction value when you decide to sell it on ebay). If you drop your iPhone a lot then this isn’t the case for you. The Feather is targeted for the people like me who have trained themselves to unconsciously run through the mental checklist to ensure the iPhone is secure before transporting it. If your interested in a case that would protect your iPhone from “dropitis”, then pick any case from iLounge’s top rated (A) case reviews. For the record I’m a big fan of iLounge, but their top rated case reviews are historically skewed toward the over-protective cases, but they do give the Feather a B+ rating which should tell you how good it is incase you don’t believe my review 😉

I have the white colored Feather (currently their are 18 available colors) . The overall durability is very good based on my everyday use. I’ll occasionally toss my phone up on the counter, or spin it around on a desk when I’m listening to music, but nothing too rowdy. I’ve have a few small chips where the velvet coating has been knocked off on one corner, but it’s barely noticeable. The white color and Incipio logo has faded a bit, but that’s par for the course when your rolling with white (I’m a big fan of the storm trooper look…black iPhone, white case). Overall the case is holding up really well for having it for 3+ months, and I can easily see myself having for the life of my 3GS (note: the Feather is only compatible with the 3G/3GS).

The feather is a dead simple design, that you basically just snap onto your iPhone. The fit is really snug, with no worries about about slippage overtime. It has the standard cut outs for the silent switch, volume rocker, head phone jack, dock connector/speakers, camera, and sleep button. The sides of the case sit almost flush with the screen, but doesn’t give you a lip cushion to lay the phone on it’s face without protection, so it’s not advised to lay it on it’s screen unless you have a screen protector. Thankfully the Feather ships with two static screen protectors. I give Incipio an “A for effort” for trying, but honestly the screen protectors aren’t the best quality, so I would advise picking up a Crystal Film static screen protector from Power Support if you want superior clarity.

Listen, if you take care of your phone, and don’t need a kevlar vest to protect it from your sloppy handling, and think the bodyguard/Invisible Shield options are complicated garbage, then it doesn’t get any better than the Incipio Feather.


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  1. The Feather is badass! You can find it cheaper on Ebay. I scored my for $15.49 no tax and free shipping.

    Comment by Bushwiick — September 13, 2009 @ 20:15 | Reply

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