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August 24, 2009

Review: Discovery Channel app

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Discovery App Free

Discovery App Free

The Discovery channel just releaseed their iPhone app. It has the full array of shows you would expect, MythBusters, Man Vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs etc.  The app includes  Video, TV listings, News, Photo Galleries and quizzes.  Additionally it also has links to buy their shows off of iTunes.  How useful is this application though?

So many of these types of apps have been produced it makes me wonder.  You would think by the sheer volume of them that people really wanted to use this type of application.  Maybe it is just me but I hate this app and everyone like it.  This app does have one redeaming quality I guess.  If you want to buy all of the Discovery Channel shows this app is great!  It gives you a very centralized place to order them all.  Aside from that I don’t see how anyone gets any real value out of this app.

The TV listings are only for the discovery channel so if you watch even one other channel you are better off getting a  single app to tell you about TV content.  If you want to watch video clips there are a ton of apps out there including the canned  Youtube app that ships with the phone and about one million sources referring to clips of any one of these shows.

These applications exist to simply add value to the station they represent, fair enough I say, just don’t expect me to use it.  Personally I think every application should deliver some actual value for the customer.  If you are a TV studio or station there is really only one thing your customers want.  HOW ABOUT MAKING THE BLOODY SHOWS  AVAILABLE!!  That is the only reason we tune in to the Discovery Channel.  It would be fine if it was a limited selection of shows or even one season behind but don’t skimp on what you do.

I feel cheated.  I had hoped the Discovery channel would do it right but alas, no it is the same as all the rest.   Unless you plan on purchasing all of the shows on your iPhone, personally I would use iTunes on my computer but…, this app is a no go from me.  Even though it is free I am sorry I downloaded it and has already been removed from my phone.


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  1. “Maybe it is just me but I hate this app and everyone like it”. Couldn’t have said it better, and I’m glad I wasn’t suckered in like the other 6k plus people who reviewed the app on the iTunes store. Thanks for helping me slam the door on this pos 😉

    Comment by jmasanders — August 24, 2009 @ 22:00 | Reply

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