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August 23, 2009

Review: The Deep Pinball

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The Deep Pinball .99

I wrote a review of Wild West Pinball a while back the same company has released their second Pinball game, The Deep Pinball.  The game has a lot more to offer than WWP and is in many ways the same game.  Game Prom has been good about communicating on their blog and even gave a few copies of the game away.   The game is clearly based on the Wild West game.  Placement of all the key features, the launch ramp, bar, shoot the ball, left and right re-launcher, three lane score multiplier at top  in WW just seem to be re-skinned.  The bank area of WW also just seemed shifted to the right and needed to be opened there.  Luckily I didn’t have a problem with any of these features in WW I had just hoped for all new stuff or at the very least a new feel.

With that said the game does have more in it.  It has a gravity well, a feature I like in pinball machines, that can be turned on and off.  It also has mission objectives to complete and with more bumper buttons and holes to go down.  The missions are broken into four different sets of 3 randomly determined missions.  The missions do change as you complete each set but there is some overlap so you can get a mission you just finished in the set before.

If anything is distracting about the feel of the game it is actually that the game talks to you.  The voices are done well and add to the direction of the game.  The distracting bit is you can tell the developers of the game are either not native english speakers or high school students not paying attention in english class.  The speech patterns don’t quite line up with what you expect to hear.  Nothing as bad as “All your base are belong to us” mind you.  When you hit the mission button it announces “you have got the mission” instead of mission acquired or something along those lines.  This happens from time to time with several of the lines and I only bring it up because it just makes me chuckle each time i hear it.

They did a good job of making the  game seem like an ocean game and none of the WW feel comes through on the features, even the re-skinned ones are done well and feel a part of the game.  There are sunken ships and nice blues to blacks of the deep sea.  The motion of the whirlpool adds a lot.  A female voice gives an audio tour of the features if you let the game sit this is nice too even if it gives you a chuckle.

There were a few problems that seemed to be part of WW the chief among them being the way the camera scrolls around the board.  It lags behind the ball a bit depending on the speed of the ball.  This has not been fixed with TDP but version 1.1 has an option to let you turn off the scrolling and see the whole board at once.  That version is now under review by Apple.  The scrolling feature never bothered me but those of you it did may want to check this out soon.

Over all the game is more fun than WW.  It did solve the biggest problem which was there were not enough things to hit.  The game almost never has the ball bounce off of something that does not react in some way.  You score much faster and have a lot more going on all of the time.  One of my fears for this game was that it would cost to much as well but Game Prom has come out the gate with a .99 price.  If you liked WW I strongly recommend  you this game if you were on the fence I think it is worth checking out.  It is a nice way to try and pass the time and the missions will keep you trying to push the game further and further.


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