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August 13, 2009

WTH – Power Management

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What the hell Apple! What is wrong with you, and your overly weird denial of the iPhone’s crappy battery life? I mean we understand you don’t want battery life to suck, but it does when you start turning on all the fancy schmancy stuff like Wifi, bluetooth, email push, and push notifications. I have a solution I think you should really consider, it’s a little out there I know, but I like to call it SIMPLE USER MANAGEMENT. This idea revolves around the concept of letting the user manage their battery usage by giving them a simple way to access all the power hungry functions listed above in one place. This concept is hard to grasp I know, so I understand why you currently make us drill several layers deep into separate Settings panels just to get to these functions. Really, it’s ok to sometimes relinquish some of that closed box control, and assume your users would be able to manage something as complicated as this. At this point I think most users would be happy with just a stupid toggle icon from you for each one of these functions that could then placed on the home screen. Yes, I absolutely think the people who are not savvy enough to jailbreak their phone would take up precious screen space just to be able to toggle these functions on/off quickly.

Your consistent failure at coming up with a solution only drives people to jailbreak their iPhones, which you consider illegal (Apple’s legal response to jailbreaking can be viewed here) , but they have no other choice. The hacker community understands issues like this, and are quick to find a solution. Seriously you should take some guidance from the jailbreaking community on this. Just take a look at SBSettings and try to tell me that isn’t an awesome implementation of Simple User Management. One swipe from the top of the screen, and you have access to everything I’ve described, and are then able to toggle them on/off at will. To help you out I’m going to provide you with a tutorial video I found on YouTube so you can see it in action for yourself. Sit back, grab your iPhone and open up Notes and be ready to jot down some ideas.


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