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August 10, 2009

Pearson College Books on iPhone

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Course Smart a provider of rented e-books for college students now has an iPhone App. Among the providers available are several Pearson companies. It just leaves one to wonder how much longer it will be until this starts to filter in to other areas of education. I doubt many people reading this blog will likely want or need this the application but you may be interested in the news. If in fact you are interested in the application it is free, like many other book apps, because the books themselves are not. The marketing materials state students can save over 50% by using the e-books though.

You can check out the article over at Apple Insider and if you would like to check out the actual CourseSmart web site you are able to look at books and publishers. You just need to say you are a professor or student.


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  1. This pretty cool, but wow, I couldn’t imagine trying to rely solely on my iPhone for reading my text books. Sounds very painful. I would probably change my toon if Apple releases a tablet device though with a bigger screen. I haven’t read anything about this program, but I would hope that it had a note taking feature built.

    Comment by jmasanders — August 11, 2009 @ 10:43 | Reply

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