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August 9, 2009

Long Awaited Features Coming to iTunes

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There has been some lingering hullabaloo about new iMacs coming out soon. They are supposed to have two new features people want in them. The popular money seems to be on Blu-Ray, adding to this is an article I read over at the Apple Blog stating iTunes 9 will be out shortly with Blu-Ray support. Personally I don’t care to much about the support. I see it as a great way to back up data, if the price of disks ever drops to $1.

There was another little tidbit in that article though. The ability to arrange your iPhone icons directly from iTunes! This should have been there a year in at the latest and I can’t imagine the technical difficulties were that hard to over come. Regardless it was needed. Apps make the phone and managing them is a pain right now once you go beyond three pages. I hope a re-vamping of apps page comes with this as well as applications tab for the iPhone. Updates, turning apps on/off, and arangement should be included in one place. Along with this should come the ability to turn the stocks, weather, youtube ect. off as well. Heres to hoping.


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  1. […] a year ago, so a feature like this is a long time coming.  It has been rumored as of late that iTunes 9 may have a feature like this in the works, but it may be too little too late. It seems like the […]

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