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August 9, 2009

Dig Dug Remix Review

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Bandai Namco has done a great job thinking about these games and what people want in a mobile version of the game. First of all the complete original game is included and can be played right out of the gate, no unlocking necessary. Also included is a brand new re-worked game. Two types of control are available; one mimicking a D-pad and another just based on the direction you moved your finger. So what went right and what went wrong.

The original version of the game looks great. It is a direct port from the original 8-bit graphics. What this game has in nostalgia it loses in game control. I didn’t have any more luck with the fake D-pad or flick mode. My little Taizo was constantly moving about 2 pixels late and leaving a sliver of dirt or not turning and hitting a rock. When I tried to compensate I turned to early. I suppose you could get the hang of it and really get the timing down but honestly I lost patience. The control scheme was no subsitute for a joystick in this case. I can’t help but wonder how it would control with the virtual joystick from iDracula or something.

The remix version of the game is graphicly a very nice upgrade. The game keeps the cartoony dirt feel of the origenal game in high rez. It plays in landscape mode and gives a bit more space to game tools and controls and this has a much better feel. I still didn’t like the D-pad control for this game but the flick control seemed to work better for me here. My guess is they developed this control style for the remix game and then applied it to the existing controls of retro Dig Dug. The game also allows you to collect items. These items affect how you interact with the environment, a shovel to dig faster, boots to run faster, a pump to kill Pookas faster. You can only have one item selected at a time but you can switch as often as you like. This dynamic adds the little extra to the game that revs it up for the next generation.

The full version at a $2.99 it is a very well done game and the fact they included the original is pure bonus. If you liked Dig Dug when you were a kid I think you will like this version of the game. If you hated it I strongly recommend you do not get this game. If you are to young to remember dig dug snag the free version and give it a whirl.



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