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August 8, 2009

HTML Colors App Review

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One of the big things I use my iPhone for is a reference center. HTML Colors app is very simple but does it’s job very well. The idea is you are trying to pick a colors for your web page but don’t know exactly what you want or how it will look. Sure there are online tools but you may need to pick a color quickly for someone else, maybe you don’t want to go off the page you are editing or if you are out and about you may want to try an match a color you see in nature as close as possible.

Launch the app and you can choose betwee two modes and one setting.

The save colors option is pretty strait forward. It is simply a list of all the “safe” colors. You just need to scroll through the list starting with black (000000) and ending with white (FFFFFF).

The more interesting, and useful one, is the actual color chooser. The screen is split. The top half has a box with text in it stating the background color and text color. Below this is a color picker allowing you to change the background and text color of the box above. There are two modes sliders or a wheel style.

Both modes immediately change the color and let you see the affect of the changes you are making. This is an easy why to see how adding or subtracting Green from blue or red affects a color. If you are just trying to pick one color the background is much easier to deal with. I rarely change the text color unless I am trying to find two colors that need to go together. The one setting this application has is to remember the colors you set. If you turn this setting on whatever colors you set in the color chooser will be there next time you come back, if not it resets to a white background and black text.

HTML Colors is .99 and definatly worth it if you find yourself needing to pick colors. I end up using it several times a month.


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