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August 5, 2009

Site Categories Changed

Filed under: Site News — sinodux @ 14:02

Just a few updates to the site including re-done categories. Hopefully this will make things easier to find and more consistent. We have also added the feature to most of the posts so we can track better what people are reading and gauge interest. Lastly lots of tags have been added to posts that previously had none in the hopes of better searching.

New Categories are:
Games – Software on any platform that is near and dear to our hearts but isn’t actually used for anything productive
Google – All things Google because we seem to cover something here almost as much as Apple.
Hardware – Any Apple produced Hardware even iPhones
Mobile Apps – Any Software that runs on the iPhone OS
News – Any news that isn’t harware or software specific
OS X Software – Any Software that runs on OS X
Peripherals – Any hardware not produced by apple that is used by an Apple product
Price Drop Alert! – Something dropped in price and you may need to go check it out now.
Utilities – Software that is used to help with other tasks but not actually produce an end product for someone else

Reviews – Reasoned assessment about something specific.
Rumors – Speculation, wild or otherwise that may or may not lead to something real.
Rants – A biased screed about anything. This will often entertaining, occasionally informative.

Site News – Updates about our site itself to help keep everyone informed about the changing state of the Blog.


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