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August 5, 2009

1Password Pro Update Review

Agile Web Solutions just released an update to their iPhone Application. This update contained the first of the Feature updates promised when they released the new Pro App. Aside from the icon this update includes Folders and the ability to select multiple fields to the clip board and a new desktop app as a companion. The price has already started going up from $5.99 to $7.99. I liked the app before but is it worth the price increase?

To start with the client app to sync with your iPhone is now very very fast. It almost instantly found my computer on the WiFi when I told it I wanted to sync but the nicest improvement was the interface for resolving conflicts. The UI now lists all of the conflicts down the left. As you select each conflict the details for the client app and the phone are displayed side by side allowing you to choose. After resolving a conflict an I icon for the choice made is placed next to it in the list and the next conflict is selected. The UI is very intuitive allows you to blaze through conflict resolution.

On to Folders. Folders are great for the phone. Previously you could set up folders on the client app but were only useful for managing passwords from a conceptual point. Honestly, this application is so easy to maintain just through normal use in the browser, I had to do so little maintenance on this application I never bothered to set up folders before now. The phone on the other hand only let you scroll through the list of logins by Title or Domain. This was easy enough but the addition of folders lets you speed to the login you want. You will probably find you don’t need to scroll more than one page of logins anymore.

Both of these features more than justify the cost of the increase in price. I also noticed two other nice touches. The settings menu has been improved with nicer icons and an easier to understand interface. Also now you can erase your current iPhone password list and restore it with the one from your computer.

If you have a bunch of Passwords to manage, don’t want to have to pull out your credit card in public, or just want to have a secure way to fill that data with out typing the desktop utility is very much worth every penny and the 1Password iPhone App is still getting two big thumbs up from me. If time is money and you use good passwords this app will save you a fortune in miss typed numbers letters and symbols on the tiny keyboard. Remember for a password there is no predictive text.



  1. Love me some 1Password! The desktop and iPhone app save you so much time. Once you start using them, they’ll change the way you browse the web forever.

    Comment by Jason — August 5, 2009 @ 23:38 | Reply

  2. Some very interesting points have been made here, it is refreshing to see that your site gets quality visitors.

    Comment by navigation systems — August 6, 2009 @ 05:58 | Reply

  3. Thank you for your review, sinodux, and thanks @Jason for the nice comment. =)

    Gita Lal
    AWS Customer Care

    Comment by justG — August 6, 2009 @ 06:46 | Reply

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