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August 4, 2009

Apple Touch Tablet

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I closed the poll. Way to much has been posted lately about the iTablet, Macbook Touch or whatever you want to call it. I have read a bunch of them and things have started to coalesce I think. What better source could I reference for a September release than the Financial Times. I must admit I don’t know if I believe September or not but I would certainly love to see it.

What really pushed me over the edge to write a post was a great article over at Mac OS Rumors. This article really pulls it together and seems to speak with some authority that for some reason I believe this time. I will hit the highlights quick and you can read the article for yourself after that if you like.

Intel Based Snow Leopard 10″ tablet
Two 3G versions one for AT&T and one not
One WiFi only version with a cost difference of not more than $200 possibly $100
Priced at less than $800
Will run the App store
Will take a keyboard and possibly stylus too (it is the real OS X after all)

Go check the article it is a short but good read.



  1. – As far as keyboard and mouse is concerned, it should have the option to connect both a USB and BT, thus have a mini-USB port or something.
    – Also if the price tag is like $799, then it should have a full-fledged version of SL, not the downsized OSX found on ATV and iPhone.
    – Again if priced at $799, should have a dual-core chip
    – Have a display port, a mini-HDMI or the one on mac mini for connectivity to the big screens.

    I can live without the stylus (stopped using them since I left the TREO-land) as long as it has all the fancy touch screen options.

    Comment by jdhaliwal — August 6, 2009 @ 11:48 | Reply

  2. Yes as far as I can tell it will have the full version of Snow Leopard and will have a duel core processor. The resolution may even be as high as 1920×1280 on a 10″ screen that will be very crisp. I don’t see a whole lot of stylus use either except for people who want to draw on the tablet.

    Comment by sinodux — August 6, 2009 @ 12:40 | Reply

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