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August 3, 2009

Another Google Beta to Sign-up for

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While doing a bit of poking around I found Google Wave. I apologize if I am late to the party on this one but things started to tie together for me today and it does deal with the more mobile computing.

So quickly what is Google Wave. As with all things Google it is on the web and accessed through a browser. They are touting it as a collaboration tool and it will definitely do this and I am hoping so much more. I have talked with some of you about what is next for communication, will it kill email? Twitter? Google wave is what is next I don’t know if it will kill email or twitter but it will be the next form of communication. It has an improved concept of email, IM, and blogging built in as well as doc sharing and file sharing.

What got me excited is this is all built in HTML 5 no proprietary format and my iPhone has already committed to this platform.The iTablet, or whatever it turns out to be named, will be even better for this new tool. It is also fully open source even to the point other people/companies can develop their own wave servers to compete and/or play with Googles Wave servers. Google and Apple both have already proven they can do voice recognition better than anyone ever thought. I doubt it will release with voice recognition but I don’t see why it would be very far off, especially if I am allowed to use Google voice to call in my post.

Go check it out and sign up for a beta it should be a hoot to use early and watch it evolve. They are saying it will release latter this year so it shouldn’t be to long before we see something. They have an hour and a half video on the thing although I will warn you they are not as good at the whole presentation gig as Apple. I couldn’t sit through very much but maybe it is because I am hitting this too late. The sneak peek link will give you a few highlights.



  1. Wave has a lot of upside to it for sure if it evolves how they plan.

    Comment by Jason — August 4, 2009 @ 00:01 | Reply

  2. I have an account with the Wave testbed as of right now, and it’s of course buggy, but I can see the structure and form of this thing will be ground-breaking for companies, should they choose to implement it. It’s got a lot of great features already present, and the fine-tuning is really being stepped up by letting all these developers in to get the mechanics of it working smoothly.

    Def. worth a look and try once it’s public, I’ve found several uses for it already within my own business, as a solution for communication, and also on an intranet of a larger corporation if need be. It’s quite a program to be reckoned with.

    Comment by CreativeCustoms — August 4, 2009 @ 06:39 | Reply

  3. Awesome thanks for the feedback from the real world! Glad to hear the potential is there.

    Comment by sinodux — August 4, 2009 @ 13:55 | Reply

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