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July 29, 2009

iDisk app

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Apple has just put out a Mobileme app. I didn’t get any big surprises with the application except that it didn’t know who I was for the Mobileme account. When you launch the app it simply shows you the file system. Oddly you are able to delete files and non-system folders on your account but you can not move anything around. I hope they add this feature because finding time to organize the mess I have on there would be easier if I could just do it from my phone as time allowed.

Folders let you go in to them and documents can be read or emailed. To email you simply click a little wifi looking icon and it brings up an email that will send a link to the file. The application deals well with images, PDFs, Word and Excel docs in read only format. I have not tried music or video but this should work to as it is listed as supported.

Even large documents load quickly and the phone will keep, by default 100MB, documents on the phone up to a limit configured by the user. This makes subsequent view of a document on your “recent” list very quick. Worth noting is music and video do not get stored on the phone they are always streamed off the server.

One last feature allows you to configure saved public folders on others Mobileme. I thought that could be very handy now that your phone can access pictures, music, video from the service.

The price is right of course it is free as it should be for a pay service. I hope this sets a trend for apple in the way they treat their own applications. Right now you can download and delete this application from your phone. I sincerely hope this is not an app that is forced on you in the next version of the OS. I do hope however they rethink not allowing us to delete/download any of the apps that ship with the phone. I say check it if you are at all interested.


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  1. Why doesn’t it let me see my MobileMe gallery?
    Also why doesn’t it let me re-arrange files and create new folders?

    Oh, forgot that its a version 1.0… I hope 1.1 or 1.5 would let me do this at least…

    Comment by jdhaliwal — August 6, 2009 @ 11:57 | Reply

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