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July 27, 2009

iPhone Firework Proof with InvisibleShield?

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I received an email last week from ZAGG, the makers of InvisibleShield,  a customer strapped some fireworks to his iphone with the InvisibleSheild attached to his screen and lights it. He then removes the InvisibleShield to a picture perfect screen. Then straps another set of fireworks to the phone with the InvisibileSheild removed and the screen is toast.

I am a huge proponent of the InvisibleShield products. I have purchased them for both my and wife’s iPhones, plus our two ipod nano videos, but this my friends, I am calling caca del toro. The person who is claiming this has sent pictures, no videos, but pictorial evidence. He also stated that the battery was removed. In fairness, the person did not claim that the blast would allow the phone to continue to work, just that the screen was undamaged. I guess you can make that deduction with the pictures, but could easily be a hoax. Also, you will notice that the person used a two different types of fireworks to get the results. You can check it out for yourself, but this seems like a segment for Mythbusters.



  1. Seems pretty shady for sure, but if it was really turned out to be true that would be pretty pro

    Comment by jmasanders — July 27, 2009 @ 22:53 | Reply

  2. I think I am calling BS on this one as well, although I did enjoy the article. If this is true what the hell was he thinking when he didn’t video this! People video tape shooting themselves into or out of the most sensitive of places and we don’t need to see that. This could have been news I could use if he left the battery in and taped it. Even still, nice find brizz I enjoyed it 🙂

    Comment by sinodux — July 28, 2009 @ 08:28 | Reply

  3. BS can sometimes be detected not by what is said, but what is not said. This guy has enough money to destroy an iPhone but doesn’t have a video camera? Right… Also (as Matt pointed out), two different types of fireworks. The one that supposedly did not destroy the iPhone is a quick exploding type. The one that did destroy it is the kind that has constant flame and sparks for an extended time. So even if this is legit, it’s apples and grapefruits.

    Comment by iamnathan — July 30, 2009 @ 09:52 | Reply

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