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July 26, 2009

Just Plain Old Skool Fun

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Slugger – $.99 (

This title really brings back some old memories of playing the NES/Sega baseball titles with the home run option.  Simple gameplay with that addictive goal of trying to hit as many home runs as possible.  It’s so addictive you just can’t put it down (this title has a chance to replace iDracula as my game of choice in meetings 🙂   The graphics on this title are very good, but not the best I’ve seen from the likes of gameloft, etc.   It has 4 modes to choose from; Matchup(online multi-player mode), Arcade, Classic, and Training.  Arcade is definitely my favorite because it give you chances to remove outs, hit special balls which give you extra points, etc.  I haven’t tried the online mode, so I’ll report back when I do, but I don’t anticipate it taking away from the gameplay.  It gives you the opportunity to sync up your scores with their online database to share with others from around the world.  It also keeps stats like longest/average dist/most combo home runs, and well as win/loss record versus others online.

The game has a simple gameplay that will keep you engaged during those long waits while your wife is trying on clothes at the mall 🙂  Very recommended.

EDIT: Ok I said I would get back and post about the online play.  All I have to say is WOW.  Very simple, and very addicting.  Basically you just click “Matchup” and your then taken to the online lobby where you pick a pitcher to go against, then you click quick match and your on your way.  You have the option of declining a match up until you get someone within your ranking, or if your up to the challenge you can take on someone with a better ranking that will net you more points if you beat them.  During the match up it shows the other players screen in like a PiP mode, and a progress bar across the top to give you an idea of how close you are to winning.  It works pretty flawlessly, and is close to bulletproof as it gets in my opinion.  Go buy it for $.99 and hit homers tell you can’t see anymore

I also wanted to note that I forgot to mention you get in game points you can use to buy better gear, clothes, and some cosmetic stuff like hair and skin tone.  All of upgrades boost your overall stats so you definitely want to keep tabs on your wallet and buy gear when you can.



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