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July 23, 2009

WoW Mobile Armory

Filed under: Games,Mobile Apps — sinodux @ 23:20

So this app has been out for a little while now but it is still worth mentioning. The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory is exactly what you would expect from Blizzard. It is a very smooth, sharp looking app that does exactly what you want it to.

Like the other apps written in this vain it lets you look up characters on the armory and save a favorites list. It lets you see the details like sats, talents, and gear. The look is very close to the actual game UI only smaller. The items can be inspected in detail even down to who sells or drops the item and disenchant mats.

Additionally it has an item browser, guild browser, game calendar, wow news, talent calculator, and leader-boards. At the character level you can also see glyphs, achievements and arena teams. The transitions between screens have a nice page turn effect and even sound to go with it. Luckily sound, vibration, and alerts can be turned off, so as not to disturb you boss while you are in meetings 😉

If you play WoW I would say go get this you won’t be disappointed if you haven’t already gotten it. If you are going to develop an app and just want to set a bar for yourself, maybe you don’t want to start here.


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