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June 26, 2009

IM+ 3.1

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In looking for a decent instant message application I didn’t do a lot of research, I went with what was on sale. IM+ was on sale pending the 3.1 release and so I decided to try it.

IM+ has a good number of features. It allows users to connect to all the normal chat programs (AIM, MSN, Google Chat, Yahoo Mesenger, ect.) plus Skype and Twitter. While Skype and Twitter are nice and function well, only one account is supported.

The chat screens are laid out well. Contacts can be sorted by groups or client and offline contacts can be hidden if desired. While all programs allow you to send voice messages and photos, IM+ allows you to send people your location as well. While a cool little gadget, I’m not sure how useful it would be as it is only accurate to a quarter mile.

Notifications are new in 3.1 of IM+, and while they work as intended for chats, there are not notifications for Twitter.

One last feature that is very helpful is the built in browser that allows you to display links within the application. As copy/paste is not supported from chats, this is a big plus.

The main problem I have with IM+ is the inability to copy/paste chats or email them. This is a huge missing feature that Beejive and other IM programs have available to them.

Overall this program is OK, but for the price there are better programs out there.


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