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June 26, 2009

App Review: Home

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Since the App Store debuted last year there are 50,000+ apps in the App Store for your downloading pleasure. They are all over the spectrum in terms of usefulness. Some apps are cutting edge (MLB At Bat 2009), some are practical (Quicken Online Mobile) and some leave you shaking your head wishing you had the last fifteen seconds of your life back (His Finger). Every now and then you find a unhearlded little gem buried in the App Store. Home falls into the latter category.

Home is a free application that does exactly what its namesake says, gets you home. No frills or over the top graphics, just a simple UI, that takes one click to get the desired results. When installing it, I did discover you must be on OS 2.2.1 or higher. Apparently, the wife is a bit behind in her software updates as she *gasp* was still on 2.2. Once downloaded, the first time you open the application, it prompts you to input your address.


Once your address has been inputted, it then displays your route using the Maps application.

Go Home

Go. Home.

The next time you open the app, it displays your saved address, locates your current position and after selecting ‘OK’ it then displays your route.

photo 4

With Version 2.0, you can now change the address in the settings menu. This is brilliant upgrade and frankly a no brainer. Prior to the upgrade, if you moved, you had to delete the app and reinstall it to change the address. Now with this little change, say you are on vacation, change the address in the settings menu to the address to where you are staying and after a long day of exploring, when you are ready to go home, open the application and presto! Directions to where you are staying.

I wish this app was around while I was in school. It would have been extremely helpful in getting me home from those long nights of partying studying and waking up not having a clue to where I was. Then I could have just busted out a little coyote ugly action grabed my phone, my 501’s and hit Home.

I would like to see them delete the step where upon opening the application it prompts me to decide whether or not I want the application to use my current location. This step seems redundant. It’s sole purpose is to find me and tell me how to get home. I answered that question the second I opened the application. It’s a petty request, but I dont want to completey slurp the Kool-Aid on this app.

Initially, I  purchased Home for my wife so she could easily get home from where ever in the valley she found herself after a long day of shopping. But after using testing it a couple of times on her phone, I quickly discovered how simple to use it was and quickly added it to mine. I will gladly give up prime real estate on my home screen for an app that gets me to where I want to go in a single touch.


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