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June 24, 2009

Price Drop Alert! Meta Squares

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MetaSquares is now free for a limited time. It debuted in late August at $2.99 and I picked it up in January when they droped it to free. It’s been  $.99 since January when the free trial was over.

The object of the game is to build the most amount of squares. The larger the square, the more points you will recieve and as you progress through the levels the stronger the computer will get. You can also play against another player on the same device. It’s a fun, challenging game (once you get a few levels in) not sure I would go as far as addictive, but I have enjoyed it and kept it on my phone since I purchased it. Though admittedly part of the reason it has enjoyed a long run on my phone is due to my 6 year old enjoying it as well. He can actually beat the computer enough in the first few levels to keep him coming back for more. Plus, its nice to play against him and let him win a few times without him realizing that I am throwing the game.

A cool game that is purchase worthy at $1.99. At $.99 I would not hesitate in buying it and while its free, its a must purchase. Agree/Disagree tee off in the comments


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