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June 20, 2009

WordPress iPhone App

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So I was thinking what app should I review first on the blog, and after some thought I figured why not review WordPress’s own iPhone app ( , and make my very first post from it 🙂

First of all setup is a breeze, you just need your worpress login/pw, and name of your blog. After that you pretty much have full control of your blog. You can create new posts, or edit existing posts. View/edit comments and pages. The blog editor supports landscape view for the keyboard, and it’s actually pretty snappy switching between the views. Don’t worry about losing your data if you get a call, the autosave feature works quite well. A nice touch is the preview feature, so you can see what your post will look like before submitting.

Overall I have to say it was a good experience. It doesn’t replace the speed/options of working from the web version, but is a nice option to have when out and about and feel the need to post something.

Note: I will edit if I run into issues actually publishing it from the iPhone because preview doesn’t show the pictures, just says they will be attached.

EDIT: as you can see the iphone app strung all the photos on top of each other which I was afraid it might do when I added more than one photo.  I was also hoping it would somehow tag the iTunes url correctly but it didn’t, and their is no way to fix these issues from the iPhone app, so a little editing after you post something may be required.  I won’t fix anything in this post, that way you can see the problems.


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