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June 20, 2009

Steve Jobs real health problems?

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I am not sure how much this actually deserves discussion in the blogosphere but ABC has a story saying he had a liver transplant. The “report” or “article” is written weird. It is more a collection of sentences than a cohesive document.

Here are the highlights I see related to health and not the iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs underwent surgery for a liver transplant two months ago in Tennessee, according to a report today in the Wall Street Journal.

Jobs, 54, has been on medical leave from his post as Apple’s chief executive since the beginning of the year, forced by what was only described as a nutritional problem related to a hormone imbalance.

Industry insiders, who asked not to be quoted by name, said the illness may have been quite serious, depriving his body of the ability to digest protein properly. But, they said, he received the necessary help to overcome it.

According to today’s report, Jobs is “recovering well” and is expected to return to work “on schedule later this month.”

Steve Jobs’ Comeback Trail
Jobs, described as “a strict vegetarian, very much into Eastern mysticism,” is said by two sources to have turned to alternative medicine to treat his health problems. “He believes anything can be treated naturally,” one of the sources said, asking not to be named.

There was a solution that came from an extract made with pork; the source said Jobs finally decided to use it.

Thanks to Scott Johnson’s Tweet for the tip.


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