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June 30, 2009

Boy meets Walkman

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With this week marking the 30 year anniversary of the Sony Walkman, BBC The Magazine invited a 13 year old boy to swap his iPod for the Walkman for a week and then document his experience. It was great read as it harkoned me back to my youth when I would clean the house with my walkman on my hip listening to the cars that go boom.

My favorite snippetts from the story are how it took him 3 days to figure out there was two sides to the tape and his method of introducing a ‘shuffle’ feature. Its both an interesting and amusing (especially for anyone who actually had a walkman) read, so be sure to check it out.


June 26, 2009

IM+ 3.1

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In looking for a decent instant message application I didn’t do a lot of research, I went with what was on sale. IM+ was on sale pending the 3.1 release and so I decided to try it.

IM+ has a good number of features. It allows users to connect to all the normal chat programs (AIM, MSN, Google Chat, Yahoo Mesenger, ect.) plus Skype and Twitter. While Skype and Twitter are nice and function well, only one account is supported.

The chat screens are laid out well. Contacts can be sorted by groups or client and offline contacts can be hidden if desired. While all programs allow you to send voice messages and photos, IM+ allows you to send people your location as well. While a cool little gadget, I’m not sure how useful it would be as it is only accurate to a quarter mile.

Notifications are new in 3.1 of IM+, and while they work as intended for chats, there are not notifications for Twitter.

One last feature that is very helpful is the built in browser that allows you to display links within the application. As copy/paste is not supported from chats, this is a big plus.

The main problem I have with IM+ is the inability to copy/paste chats or email them. This is a huge missing feature that Beejive and other IM programs have available to them.

Overall this program is OK, but for the price there are better programs out there.

App Review: Home

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Since the App Store debuted last year there are 50,000+ apps in the App Store for your downloading pleasure. They are all over the spectrum in terms of usefulness. Some apps are cutting edge (MLB At Bat 2009), some are practical (Quicken Online Mobile) and some leave you shaking your head wishing you had the last fifteen seconds of your life back (His Finger). Every now and then you find a unhearlded little gem buried in the App Store. Home falls into the latter category. (more…)

June 24, 2009

Price Drop Alert! Meta Squares

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MetaSquares is now free for a limited time. It debuted in late August at $2.99 and I picked it up in January when they droped it to free. It’s been  $.99 since January when the free trial was over.

The object of the game is to build the most amount of squares. The larger the square, the more points you will recieve and as you progress through the levels the stronger the computer will get. You can also play against another player on the same device. It’s a fun, challenging game (once you get a few levels in) not sure I would go as far as addictive, but I have enjoyed it and kept it on my phone since I purchased it. Though admittedly part of the reason it has enjoyed a long run on my phone is due to my 6 year old enjoying it as well. He can actually beat the computer enough in the first few levels to keep him coming back for more. Plus, its nice to play against him and let him win a few times without him realizing that I am throwing the game.

A cool game that is purchase worthy at $1.99. At $.99 I would not hesitate in buying it and while its free, its a must purchase. Agree/Disagree tee off in the comments

June 23, 2009

Push AIM

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Just a quick post more to try posting from my phone than any thing else but…

I put the new AIM on my phone today and tried the push posts. It works great and is very responsive. My phone now does exactly what I wanted it to when I got it. You can adjust the settings to make noise show the message, a badge or any combination there of. If you haven’t tried it get to it!

AT&T Navigator Comes to App Store

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TomTom got all the publicity at WWDC, however several Turn by Turn directions have made it to the App Store well before TomTom. I have been wondering if the service that AT&T offer blackberry customers (and other phones) would make it to the iPhone. Well  AT&T has answered this question by releasing a navigation app to the App Store.

The app is free to download and works with iPhone 3G and 3GS with OS 3.0 installed, though a 9.99 monthly charge will be automatically added to your AT&T bill. Deleting the app from your phone will not deactivate the service, you must call AT&T if you no longer wish to receive the service. I am curious to find out if after downloading the app, I can move it to another iPhone that synchronized with the same iTunes account and still only be charged the 9.99.

Features include voice guided and 3D directions, automatic rerouting, free regular map updates, real-time traffic updates. A function that allows you to search for the lowest gas prices, coffee houses and WiFi spots closest to you.

With Gokivo and AT&T apps already out, are you still waiting for TomTom to deliver the goods or are you ready to jump on board now and go with AT&T or Gokivo?

June 21, 2009

App Review: MLB At Bat 2009

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I am a huge baseball fan and have been waiting for my iPhone to replace another device, listening to live baseball on the radio. Major League Baseball has been offering GameDay, GameDay Audio and MLB TV online for years and I have been waiting for this to come to the iPhone.

Last year MLB put out MLB At Bat 2008 that supported GameDay and a few video highlights for each game for $4.99. The thing I did not understand was why MLB was charging so much for services that you could get for free elsewhere. Maybe the UI is not as great and it might take a bit of digging, but all the same content was out there. As Jenna Maroney would say, ‘That’s a deal breaker, ladies!’ (more…)

June 20, 2009

Invisisheild 30% off

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Just received this via email. The invisibleSHIELD by Zagg is thirty percent off through June 30 when you use the coupon code iphonepalm. Not the 50% i got for memorial day, but its better than full price.

WordPress iPhone App

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So I was thinking what app should I review first on the blog, and after some thought I figured why not review WordPress’s own iPhone app ( , and make my very first post from it 🙂

First of all setup is a breeze, you just need your worpress login/pw, and name of your blog. After that you pretty much have full control of your blog. You can create new posts, or edit existing posts. View/edit comments and pages. The blog editor supports landscape view for the keyboard, and it’s actually pretty snappy switching between the views. Don’t worry about losing your data if you get a call, the autosave feature works quite well. A nice touch is the preview feature, so you can see what your post will look like before submitting.

Overall I have to say it was a good experience. It doesn’t replace the speed/options of working from the web version, but is a nice option to have when out and about and feel the need to post something.

Note: I will edit if I run into issues actually publishing it from the iPhone because preview doesn’t show the pictures, just says they will be attached.

EDIT: as you can see the iphone app strung all the photos on top of each other which I was afraid it might do when I added more than one photo.  I was also hoping it would somehow tag the iTunes url correctly but it didn’t, and their is no way to fix these issues from the iPhone app, so a little editing after you post something may be required.  I won’t fix anything in this post, that way you can see the problems.

Steve Jobs real health problems?

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I am not sure how much this actually deserves discussion in the blogosphere but ABC has a story saying he had a liver transplant. The “report” or “article” is written weird. It is more a collection of sentences than a cohesive document.

Here are the highlights I see related to health and not the iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs underwent surgery for a liver transplant two months ago in Tennessee, according to a report today in the Wall Street Journal.

Jobs, 54, has been on medical leave from his post as Apple’s chief executive since the beginning of the year, forced by what was only described as a nutritional problem related to a hormone imbalance.

Industry insiders, who asked not to be quoted by name, said the illness may have been quite serious, depriving his body of the ability to digest protein properly. But, they said, he received the necessary help to overcome it.

According to today’s report, Jobs is “recovering well” and is expected to return to work “on schedule later this month.”

Steve Jobs’ Comeback Trail
Jobs, described as “a strict vegetarian, very much into Eastern mysticism,” is said by two sources to have turned to alternative medicine to treat his health problems. “He believes anything can be treated naturally,” one of the sources said, asking not to be named.

There was a solution that came from an extract made with pork; the source said Jobs finally decided to use it.

Thanks to Scott Johnson’s Tweet for the tip.

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